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Welcome to Windows 8 Themes. Once Windows 8 gets officially released next year, we will find the best high quality Windows 8 Themes in this website. If you are using Windows 7, then please check our website Windows 7 Theme where you can find our high resolution Windows 7 Themes which have received awards from all top software websites and are regularly used by hundreds of thousands of users around the world. If you are using Windows 8 beta versions, then we can confirm that all our Windows 7 Themes have been tested are are working flawlessly on beta versions of Windows 8. You can just double click on the downloaded themepack file and it will be automatically installed within seconds on your Windows 7 computer as well as Windows 8 beta OS. You can also check out our Windows 8 Release website where we try to post news, tips, information and screenshots of Windows 8 Operating System.

If you are an Windows 7 user who has not used Windows 8 and would like to check how it looks like then we have also created a Windows 8 Screenshots Theme where you can find 15 different screenshots of the Windows 8 Developer Preview Build. Once this website Windows 8 Themes officially launches next year you will find extreme HQ resolution themes like the ones we post in our Windows 7 Themes. But this theme is of only 1366 x 768 resolution as we could it was our only system available for installing Windows 8 Developer Preview Build and to take the screenshots.

Here is a snapshot of all the backgrounds (screenshots) in this Windows 7/8 Theme.

Windows 8 Screenshots Windows 7 Theme

The screenshots are as follows:

1) Windows 8 Start/Home Screen
2) Windows 8 Lock/Welcome Screen
3) Internet Explorer 10 App
4) Socialite App for Facebook
5) Tweet@rama App for Twitter
6) Windows 8 Desktop with our a theme installed from our website
7) Windows 8 Start Screen with Charms Bar Opened
8) Windows 8 Apps Screen
9) Docking Feature in Windows 9 where Tweet@rama is docked on the left and IE 10 App on the right
10) Windows 8 Control Panel and Personalize Lock Screen
11) Dragging of Windows 8 Tiles
12) Windows 8 Desktop with default theme
13) Windows 8 Settings Option Opened
14) News Feed from Socialite inside Windows 8
15) Second Half of Windows 8 Start Screen

It is a simple theme but will give you an idea about the look of Windows 8 if you have not yet checked the screenshots or installed it.

Windows 8 Screenshots Windows 7 Theme download

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